Innovative, Strategic Leadership For A Digital age

to equip Jesus Followers to make disciples and impact their city for good.

A Strategic Leader to Grow your Church in an age of disruption

leadership, strategy, and team building to equip Jesus Followers to make disciples and impact their city for good.

Grow Engagement

Multiply Reach

Develop People

Grow Your Engagement

Multiply Your Reach

Develop Your People

Does your Church:

  • Desire an Effective Strategy for a Digital Age?
  • Want a Team-Building Leader?
  • Need a Dynamic, Culturally Relevant Speaker?
  • Love Innovative, Visionary Leadership?

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Teaching Your Church to Become the Meta/Digital Church


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I get it– Leading a church during disruption is overwhelming.

Chestly Lunday is an expert in “Church as Movement” strategy, the host of “The Chestly Lunday Experience” Podcast, and is highly regarded as a speaker, strategist, and pastor helping leaders and churches reach more people in an age of disruption. He cut his teeth on digital strategy & community building through 15 years of ministry experience and as the founder of Aneeko, a leadership development community for youth ministries in Phoenix, Arizona. Chestly is on the cutting edge of innovation in the religious, non-profit sector, co-founding The Digital Church Network. You can follow him at

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Helping normal people start organic digital/meta church movements

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Don’t Get Overwhelmed By Digital Disruption

Digital Technology causes disruption in the way humanity interacts with content and community, and it has created disorientation for many in ministry, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your organization can thrive in an age of disruption. The Viral Impact process will give you a clear roadmap to defeat confusion and overwhelm and will give you a renewed vigor for a new era of serving your community. 

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