Entrepreneurs often fail for one of seven reasons:

You Can Avoid These Traps.

A Lack of Clear Vision Or Direction

You, your team, and your customers aren't sure where you're headed and this creates a lack of motivation to go above and beyond.

Organized Chaos as the Operational Strategy

There are no set processes nor are there any clear communication lines so the company can operate consistently on a repeatable basis.

Marketing That Costs But Doesn't Convert

The only thing your marketing is successful at it is costing you money. You don't have a strategy that creates predictable leads that create return on your investment.

An Inability to close sales

Even if you had predictable leads, your sales system couldn't close a zip-loc bag. Your sales revenue is always hit and miss. Closing 50% of your leads would be a miracle.

Unprofitable or Low-Demand Product Offerings

Your products just don't seem to create the revenue and profit you feel they need to hit. You have too many products and no clue which is profitable.

Ill-fitting Teams weighing Down Performance

You are always filling holes, or is consistently putting out fires because of team issues. You feel more like a babysitter than a business owner.

Consistently Constrained Cashflow

Too much month and not enough money is a nagging concern that gets "fixed" by selling products that give you enough revenue, but end up costing you in the long run.

These Seven dangers are the root cause of most Entrepreneurial disasters. Coaching will help you optimize your business to give you back your time, money, and sanity.

My clients engage me to help them grow their business in two different ways:

What Others Have Said About My Coaching

Jacob Young, Pastor, Cornerstone Church

“We have spent thousands hiring other consultants and coaches before, but one day with Chestly gave us more value and direction than an entire year with them. I highly recommend working with Chestly.”

Mike Wiggin, Founder, X2

“We just finished working with Chestly to scale our organization. If you are looking for coaching, I ask you to call Chestly. The cost it saves in time trying to do this alone is worth it! He is a phenomenal coach and a great person.”

Ethan DeLeon, Content Director, Small Nation

“To anyone that feels stuck in getting their idea off the ground, I strongly recommend setting a date on your calendar with Chestly for a consultation. I only wish we had done it sooner.”

Joe Gruber, Founder, All City

“One of the best decisions I’ve made this year is hiring Chestly. Helping restructure our team for greater performance was a game-changer for us. Truly, He is such a gift. An amazing coach, yes! But a great friend too.”

Working With a Coach is Easy!
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Get A Custom Report

I'll send you a custom report about how we could work together to grow your business. Growing a business is much easier if you have a plan. In this step, I will show you that plan.

Enjoy A Growing Business

In only six months, you will not recognize yourself or your business. You will move from chaos to efficiency and from confusion to confidence. Oh, And the real kicker: You will make more money!

It's Hard Enough To Build A Business. You Don't Have To Do It Alone.

Building a business is hard. You need to get your mission right, then your marketing message, then your sales pitch, then your products, then your operations management, and finally, your cash flow management. Like a building, a business has a foundation, four pillars, and a ceiling. Each aspect of your business is crucial for success. Few business owners know and execute all the business components needed to thrive. That's why most Entrepreneurs fail.

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