Unlock The Power Of Generational Engagement To Grow Your Church

Helping Churches Solve Generational Decline with Insightful Research, Engaging Presentations, and Strategic Coaching.

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Unlock The Power Of Generational Engagement To Grow Your Church

Helping Churches Solve Generational Decline with Insightful Research, Engaging Presentations, and Strategic Coaching.
Download The Study

The American Church is About to Fall Off The Generational Cliff

By 2033, 15 Million Baby Boomers Will Age Out Of Church Participation.

The Church will decline more rapidly than ever before as our most loyal, generous, and active generation fades into history, and with their absence, more than 1 in 8 of today's churches will shut their doors

What's worse is the things that serve a pre-digital generation seem to repel a digitally immersed generation, making the ability to navigate generational engagement as we are headed toward “The Cliff ” scarier.

Generational Change is upending the church, and without a provenĀ  Engagement Strategy every generation buys into, your church could be one of them.

Without Effectively Engaging Millennials and Gen Z Your Church Could Close.

Navigating Generational Change Is Difficult

And most leaders have felt the strain, overwhelm, grief, and frustration (sometimes all at once) of trying to honor the past while moving the organization to the present. We hear these statements often:

That's Why We Led The First Study On Emerging Generational Trends At The Intersection Of Technology And Faith.

I teamed up with my friends at Sprout Digital, and we went on a journey to find the strategies that will work for engaging generations best now and in the coming ten years. You are not alone!

There Is A Way to Navigate Generational Upheaval.

Download The National Study

The Generational Rescue Plan

Churches that become Generationally Engaged will thrive in the next ten years. By guiding your church through the Generational Rescue Plan you can set your church up for a future every generation can buy into. All you have to do is follow this process:


Through a series of Generational Conversations, your leadership can discover the attitudes, ideals, and opportunities to shift your church toward a Generationally Aligned future.


After Your Church's leadership discovers its Generational Alignment, they undergo a strategic listening initiative, suspending the church's hierarchy, to glean the church's collective wisdom in your faith community.


After the Discernment Phase, your church leadership can decisively act toward your new Generationally Engaged future without fear of backlash or political jockeying that usually accompanies major change initiatives.

When You Become A Generationally Engaged Church You Will Enjoy:

Inter-Genrational Harmony

Visionary Mandate

Healthy Organizational Growth

High Generational Engagement

A Relevant Operational Strategy

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If This resonates with you, Then We Should Talk

I speak and consult with churches, denominations, and organizations on the challenges ahead of us as Generational Change is upending Religion and Spirituality as we know it and how to engage generations amidst the disruption using the Generational Rescue Plan.

If you need help navigating generational change, click the button below to set up a Zoom.

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Why you Need To Become Generationally Engaged

While I have only had fifteen years in vocational ministry, I grew up as a pastor's kid. I watched how generational bias crept in and hurt countless numbers of people. I saw how younger people were disregarded for their “outlandish ideas that will never work here.” and I saw how because of that pain, many young people arrogantly disregarded the wisdom of their elders.

Pain begets pride which begets pain. This toxic cycle has now come full circle. We are on the precipice of a deeply diminished church in the U.S., which stems from our inability to celebrate what each generation brings to the table.

If we are going to turn the state of the church around in America, it's going to take all of us. innovation of the youth with the seasoned experience of the elders. To engage a world in need of the Gospel, we must reconcile with each other, and work together.

I invite you to take that step with me. If Generational Change can upend the church, immersed with love and honor, it can rebuild what our hate and arrogance have destroyed. All it takes is engaging each generation.

Meet Chestly Lunday

Chestly Lunday Led the pioneering national research study on emerging generational trends in technological engagement in the church. He is an expert in Innovative Leadership and Generational Engagement and a sought-after international speaker. Before Chestly had 15 years of ministry experience as a Church planter, teaching pastor, and student pastor, he was an Airman in the Air National Guard. As an innovator, he co-founded The Digital Church Network, a global community of Digital Church planters using technology to reach people for Jesus. Chestly's insights have helped many churches and leaders grow their churches in a disruptive time of generational and technological change.

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